School of Professional Studies


Zhong Zhuang

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)


School of Professional Studies

Chief Instructor

Richard Aroian


With the data technology developing, Sports industry beginning to more and more pay attention to data application in sports business and athletics. Especially in sports athletics field, sports professional teams managers take advantages of data to draft new players and analysis games. Recently, in sports history, some famous sports cases involve sports data analysis like MLB Oakland Athletics “Money Ball”. This is research goal is focusing on how data be applied to sports athletics field. The target readers are some peoples who are love sports game and want to know how the data be used in sports athletics. This research can help them understanding what is meaning of sports data. In this research, I will try to use easy understanding words to explain the data and analytics methods in sports. The research methods include reading related books and searching related content by internet (qualitative analysis), quoting practical stories about sports data applications in real sports world (case study), and summarizing key points about sports data application literatures. The results demonstrate the importance of sports data application and broad development prospects. Based on research, proved the hypothesis. At the same time, the research results including describing and summarizing sports data, statistical methods, and modeling relationships using Linear regression. The research also includes some classical stories about sports data application in real world for benefits to understanding the data applications in real cases.



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