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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


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Rich Aroian


In this case study I have explored the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and learned how it can transform a business. When D&I is a serious business strategy supported by senior management it can help recruit and retain top talent, increase profits, and unleash creativity among other benefits. It is important to have leadership that is inclusive so they can set the tone for their staff

This case study evaluates the D&I culture at The Children’s Study Home (CHS) and explores best practices for improvement. CHS is a non-profit human service agency in Western MA, that’s mission is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through an array of services. Much of the staff are residential counselors that have hard jobs and low wages. Changing the culture of an organization takes time but if CHS adopts D&I as a business strategic goal it will improve the morale and engagement of staff and will improve the lives of the children and family that they serve.

There are some programs in the Agency that are not culturally diverse, and the Board of Directors is primarily white men. There are employee and managers that express frustration over the lack of inclusivity and belonging at CHS. They feel they are not free to be their authentic selves because of envisioned negative judgment from their managers and colleagues.

The solution is to evaluate the D&I climate of the organization and create a D&I committee to assist with strategy and decision. This study used material obtained form research and incorporated the findings into a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan that is adopted for CHS.

The D&I strategic plan has three major sections. The first section is the foundation that includes our mission, core values, the things we do best and how we will get there. The second section is Strategic Objectives and Organizational goals; the 4C model; Compassionate People, Client Care, Community Engagement and Community Impact. The third section is key performance indicators which covers how we will measure success and make D&I a strategy that is a habit. This plan will take a while to implement and I imagine there will be changes and additions, but it will be worth it.



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