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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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The request by Erzurum Delegate Simpat to remain in Erzincan, the telegram from the Erzurum Protestant Evangelist in connection with his residency, the response of Talat Pasha to one of his telegrams, releases from prisons, exchange of information with Diyarbekir [Diyarbakır] Governor-General Resit [Reşit] Bey, Erzincan District Governor Memduh, Bayezit Deputy District Governor Ziya Bey, issues related to Bahaettin Sakir [Şakir], on whether the Arapian family has or has not returned to Trabzon.

Annihilation in Tenos of the labor battalions comprised of Armenians who were deported to the Fourth Army's territory.



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Sivas 08



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