Private Materials (Archive 2)

This part of the Archive is comprised of Guerguerian’s personal works. Until his death in 1988, Guerguerian worked on the materials he collected by taking various notes and translating them into several languages, including Armenian, French and English. He also wrote books on various topics, such as the Yozgat and Kayseri trials of 1919-1920. Out of respect to Guerguerian’s work as well as the difficult nature of sorting and classifying these materials, we left these extremely disorganized and unsystematized documents as they are.

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Armenocide Documentary

Adana Confiscation (Courts Martial)

Fazil Bey

Mixed I - Courts Martial

Kurd - Andonian

Genocide Documents

Andonian - Genocide Notes

Naim Bey

Kayseri Trial

Deportation (Court Martial Notes)

Genocide (Court Martial Notes)

Mixed II - Courts Martial

Genocide (Ottoman Turkish)

Takvim-i Vekayi (Armenian)

Talat Pasha

Special Organization

Genocide (Armenian Telegrams)

Yozgat Trial

Seizure Restitution

Genocide (Various Languages)

Krieger (Various Binders)