Sermons, 1905-1919

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This is from the bound collection—“bundle #5”—that includes sermons from January 2, 1910 to January 15, 1911. While the manuscript says, “January 8, 1910,” it is clear that 1911 is meant. Not only was this manuscript bound after the December 25, 1910 sermon, but tellingly January 8 falls on a Sunday in 1911, but not in 1910.

In this sermon, Davis examines exalted heroes of his and past times -- including Charles Sumner, Theodore Parker, Amos, Hosea, Jesus, Girolamo Savonarola, Lincoln, Saint Paul -- thereby aiming to expose the essence of humanity.

Date refers to Date Given.

The primary downloadable document contains the original document followed by the transcription. The bottom of each item page also features the primary document as an embedded pdf for browsing.

Transcription by Davis Baird. Item description based off writing and context provided by Davis Baird.


Earl Clement Davis, sermons, minister, Unitarianism, religion, philosophy

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The Essence of Manhood



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