Sermons, 1905-1919

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This is from the bound collection that includes sermons from August 30, 1908 to November 26, 1908.

While Davis does reference problems with natural resources -- forest depletion and other natural resources -- his focus here is on the depletion of human resources -- "solid, honest, healthy human beings." His concern is the corruption of wealth-seeking. His primary target is the church, which he claims has failed to honor Jesus' second commandment, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." The focus here is on the church's stance toward the labor problems of the day. He concludes quoting Ely Moore's 1833 address to the new General Trades' Union of New York City.

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The primary downloadable document contains the original document followed by the transcription. The bottom of each item page also features the primary document as an embedded pdf for browsing.

Transcription by Davis Baird. Item description based off writing and context provided by Davis Baird.


Earl Clement Davis, sermons, minister, Unitarianism, religion, philosophy, labor

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