Sermons, 1905-1919

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This is from the bound collection that includes sermons from May 24, 1908 to August 9, 1908.

Expresses the view that every life -- every day of every life -- should be joyous in celebration of each of our individual divine natures and purposes. He writes, "Your very soul hungers and thirsts for the life that satisfies, for the life that shall bring joy and deep returns as each day passes, and accumulates a potentiality for life that shall make you feel that it is worthwhile to be immortal. If you would realize that satisfaction, banish from your mind from this time forth and forevermore the idea that you are forever a victim of evil. In you is the divine life to be unfolded and disclosed in days that shall be joyous as they pass, and by their fruitfulness shall link themselves to eternity and infinity."


Earl Clement Davis, sermons, minister, Unitarianism, religion, philosophy

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For the Joy of Living



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