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Winter 2-21-2018


WDPH, Health Internships, GIS, Mosakowski Institute


In the spring of 2014, the Worcester Division of Public Health, UMass Memorial Health Care, and Clark University’s Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise joined forces to begin developing a partnership that would combine academic resources, student input, and public health needs in the City of Worcester. Founders of this program were motivated to seek and implement innovative interventions for public health issues while simultaneously inspiring a new generation of public health professionals.

Each year, the Academic Health Collaborative of Worcester (AHCW) brings in student interns to work on the pressing public health issues of the moment. Interns work alongside epidemiologists, researchers, and public health professionals to understand and address a wide assortment of health problems facing Worcester residents of all ages. The goal of the initiative is to train students in the field of public health, and to support the development of public health research in the City of Worcester.