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Spring 2012

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In what ways does stress and coping mechanisms differ between 5th year IDCE students and 2-year IDCE graduate students?

The purpose of this research was to compare the stress levels among 5th year and 2-year IDCE program students to understand the main coping strategies and sources of stress among each group to shape future academic and emotional support services. We found that although the majority of participants in both programs are highly stressed, differences existed in the main stressors and coping mechanisms reported for each program. Categories pertaining to academic and environmental stressors appear as the main sources of stress for 2-year program students, whereas categories pertaining to financial obligations and future uncertainties appear as the main sources of stress for 5th year program students. 2-year program students engaged in coping strategies that were classified as self-comforting and social while 5th year program students engaged in strategies that focused largely on avoidance.


Graduate Student, Masters, Stressors, Stress, Coping Mechanisms, Clark

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