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The primary objective of this second Grant from the Citizens Monitoring and Technical Assess- ment Fund finalizing in 2006 the primary objective was to identify the prevalence of diseases and to analyze possible environmental factors that might be associated with such diseases. The other objective of this grant was to outreach to other Columbia River Basin Tribes to inform them of the Tribal Health Survey and to let them know of the availability of the software for their use.

The 2004 Tribal Health Survey was designed to enable the Tribe to better understand the overall health of the Kalispel tribal community and how it may have been affected by releases from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The goal was to create a baseline of disease prevalence among Kalispel Tribal members.

The Kalispel Tribe has no disease registry or other means of knowing the possible impacts to the health of the tribe from exposures to environmental contaminants. Knowledge of patterns of dis- eases will allow the tribe to create an Environmental Health Program that will be better able to service the health needs of the tribal community.


Kalispel Tribe of Indians




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Airway Heights, WA

Kalispel Tribal Health Survey - 2006



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