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Contains the PowerPoint slides for Gaisu Yari's presentation "Afghan refugee voices: What does belonging look like in host countries?". This presentation was given on February 1st, 2023 as part of the Integration and Belonging Hub's webinar series. This webinar was hosted on Zoom.

Gaisu Yari, project director of Afghan Voices of Hope, found herself a sudden refugee when the Taliban forcibly took control of Afghanistan in August 2021. Recognizing she was a witness to history, she began collecting the stories of her fellow exiles while living in a refugee camp in Poland after her evacuation from Kabul.

Yari is a former commissioner in the Civil Service of Afghanistan and a human rights advocate who holds a master’s degree in Human Rights from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern and Gender Studies from the University of Virginia. In addition to her work in Afghanistan with National and International Organizations, Yari is leading Afghan Voices of Hope and traveling around the world to see those in exile, collect their personal narratives, and work on a collective voice for the emerging Diasporas from Afghanistan.

The main document is in text-only PDF format. To see the PowerPoint presentation, download the related file.

Permission was obtained by Gaisu Yari to make this PowerPoint publicly available.

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