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Master of Arts in Psychology




physical health, health, somatic, psychology, organic inferiority, Alfred Adler, physical education


While character has long been a matter of man's prime concern, it is only in recent years that psychology has been in a position to effectively attack the problem. For the first time in its history is this science equipped with both a point of view and a method which give every promise of ultimately solving this most vital and perplexing of human problems. One of the distinctive features of this viewpoint pertains to the somatic relationship. From this, organic integrity and physical health are seen in a new light. This is of decided significance for physical education.

The increased public interest in matters pertaining to physical efficiency, due partly to the revelations of the army examinations, and evidenced by the rapidity with which physical education is being introduced as a required subject in the public school curriculum, is sufficient justification for calling attention to this relationship, particularly as this matter is so infrequently dealt with in the literature.

It is the purpose in this paper therefore, to present the essential points in modern psychology as they relate particularly to character and conduct, and to discuss somewhat in detail the organic basis as they suggested by Adler. It is hoped that when this has been done the implication for physical education will be apparent. It is not the purpose to go beyond the delineation of the psychic superstructure which is a product of the inferior organic basis. What can be done with the organic inferiority remains for the scientifically trained director of physical education to determine. This then is not a contribution to method. Rather the endeavor is to emphasize the significance of physical well being for mental health and character.



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