School of Professional Studies

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master’s in Project Management


School of Professional Studies

Chief Instructor

Mary M Piecewicz, MBA, MSPC, PMP


PMO, change management, predictive project managment, agile, MS TEAMS, stakeholder management, risk management, WBS


To facilitate a seamless transition from a non-project management environment to a project management environment, Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) passionately dedicated to their missions and operating with limited resources can establish a Project Management Office (PMO) as a pivotal organizational function. This PMO will collaborate closely with senior executives to devise a comprehensive strategic plan for this transformation. An essential component of this plan is the identification of dedicated representatives within key departments, including IT, HR, Human Services Program, and Learning & Development. These departmental representatives will serve as proactive Project Management advocates, responsible for initiating and executing the transition strategies, all while focusing on effective change management. The transition journey commences with equipping these representatives with essential skills, starting with proficiency in Microsoft Teams as a Project Management tool. The strategic plan developed by the PMO, in partnership with senior leadership, will outline clear objectives, milestones, timelines, and department-specific roles and responsibilities. It will also address potential challenges and strategies for risk mitigation. A pivotal aspect of this transition is the management of change, which involves engaging in proactive change management efforts, addressing resistance, communicating the benefits of the transition, and ensuring a smooth shift in organizational practices. As the transition progresses, the PMO will provide ongoing support, guidance, and regular monitoring, ensuring that the project management environment is effectively integrated into the organization. By continuously refining and optimizing the process through feedback loops and continuous improvement, the NPO can successfully evolve into a more structured, efficient, and mission-aligned entity.





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