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Milton Lehman

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Milton Lehman (1917-1966) was a free-lance writer, contributing about 250 articles to national magazines such as Saturday Evening Post, Life, Reader’s Digest, McCall’s, Look, The York Times, and other periodicals, books and newspapers. He wrote a biography of Robert H. Goddard that was published in 1963. He was helped throughout the seven year writing process by Esther C. Goddard, Goddard’s wife, who supplied him with transcripts of Goddard’s notes, notebooks, diaries, reports and correspondence and with photographs of his work as well as her own recollections. Lehman interviewed people from all parts of Goddard’s life; his childhood, schooling, early Clark teaching career, Roswell experiments and final years consulting to the Navy. He also obtained copies of the correspondence between the Smithsonian Institution and Goddard from the Smithsonian’s archives. The papers consist of typescripts from the tapes of his many interviews, copies of Goddard’s papers and correspondence, clippings, and lists and commentary supplied by Esther C. Goddard.