Genocide (Various Languages)

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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The telegraph sent by Colonel Shehabeddin Bey [Şehabeddin Bey] to Halil Recai Bey, informing him of where the 208 Armenians from the Villages of Talas, Germir, and Muncusun were going to be deported; the telegraphs/written correspondences sent by Shehabeddin Bey [Şehabeddin Bey] to Halil Recai on 27-28 June 1915, informing him that 83 Armenians and 36 Armenian soldiers had been tried and sentenced by the Military Tribunal in Kayseri and that they had been subsequently deported via the Nigde [Niğde] road; the criminals who had been released from prison by the ordinance of the Ministry of Justice and who had been included in the gangs of the Special Organization and used in the deportation and annihilation of the Yozgat Armenians; and the testimony of the Yozgat District Governor Cemel Bey to the Investigation Commission in December 1918, regarding the criminals who had been released from prison and who joined the Special Organization.

The encyrpted telegraph sent by Talat Pasha to the Aleppo Governor-General Mustafa Abdulhalik Bey [Mustafa Abdülhalik] on 18 November 1915, telling him to convince the foreigners, and especially the American Consul, that the deportation of Armenians was not an annihilation.

The encrypted written correspondences of Halil Pasha and Enver Pasha regarding the release of prisoners on 16 November 1914, published in the official newspaper of the Military Tribunal on 21 May 1919.

Regarding Vehip Pasha's role in the CUP and the massacre of Armenians.

Talat Bey's speect regarding Armenians at the mosque and the clubhouse.

It states that the Armenians had started an uprising for national liberation; that this had endangered the Armenians who were fighting for Ottoman independene; that the government had decided to deport the Armenians for this reason; and that instructions had been provided on how to implement this decision.

[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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