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Regarding the following topics: the Armenians in the Zor Province and the surrounding areas of settlements; the deportation of Armenians beyond Aleppo; what will happen to the abandoned properties; the attacks carried out against Armenian convoys in these regions; and unburried corpses.

From: The Istanbul Meclis-i Ahkamı Adliye President To: The Minister of Interior Date: 9 March 1916 [25 Şubat 331] Topic: regarding the deportation of Armenians within the Aleppo Province; the burial of corpses and the authorities witnessing this; and where and how the Armenians should resettle.

The beginning and end of the page are missing. It mentions an official who will not hesitate to use torture; it further mentions a telegraph that was sent on 29 November 1915 [16 Kasım 331], number 73, and states that no reply was given to this telegraph; lastly, it states that this attitude broke their courage and that for this reason, they went to Aleppo on 3 January 1916 [21 Aralık 331] and departed towards Zor.

The questions asked to the Lice Commander Captain Suleyman [Süleyman] regarding the murder of the Lice County Executive Nesimi Bey; and it is explained how the incident occurred. Signature: Mazhar

It states that Suleyman Efendi had been sent to Diyarbekir fo an assignment; that he was asked questions regarding the assasination of Nesimi Bey; and the story of his assassination is explained as follows: the Muslims wanted to make war on 10 aspects; the Armenians foreited from the war and might have engaged in antagonistic behavior; for this reason, it might be necessary to gather them together and deport them; Nesimi Bey objected to this; even when he received instructions to do so, he did not execute them fully; the Governor-General learned of this and organized his assassination; and finally, Nesimi Bey was buried at the location of the incident.

From: The Diyarbekir [Diyarbakır] Governor-General Reshit Bey [Reşit Bey] To: The Adana Governor-General Ismayil Hakki Bey [Ismayil Hakkı] Date: 30 May 1915 [17 Mayıs 331] Topic: it states that no news was recevied from Van; that the Armenian gangs were very strong; and that this opposition should be seen as an opportunity and used to dispose of this trouble.

A report, dated 28 February 1916 [15 Şubat 331], regarding the following: information regarding the deportations in the Aleppo Province is provided along with numbers; it mentions fixed assets; attacks carried out against the caravans; and institutions who used their power for evil. It is signed by the Izmit Gendarmerie Commander, the President of the Istanbul Meclis-i Ahkamı Adliye, and Inspector...

The telegraph sent by the Ministry of Interior to the Aleppo Armenian Spiritual Leadership on 3 April 1914 [21 Mart 330], regarding an incident in Bitlis.

[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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