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The work in question addresses the relationships between mining, local development and democracy, and the thus-far most contentious part of this research has focused on a region affected by a mining project executed by a UK based "resource development" company. This specific part of the research has been conducted in conjunction with a UK based solidarity organization, the Peru Support Group as well as with Oxfam UK's office in Perú. The criticism of meddling came from the director in Peru of the Chinese consortium that in early 2007 acquired majority ownership of the mining company – the title paraphrases his challenge to me in a public meeting in Lima discussing our work. Meanwhile the criticism of ethnocentrism came from an economic advisor to the regional government of Piura, the department in which this project was to be developed – an administration that is controlled by the ruling party and fully endorses the expansion of the mineral economy in Piura, as a means (inter alia) of generating the tax revenue it requires for its proposed public works and infrastructural programmes. Our ethnocentricity lay, he insisted, in our use of an analytical framework that in large measure traced its origins to Sen's work on capabilities. The fact that we had done this constituted one more exercise of Northern power on the South.

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cooperative behavior, resource management, Peru, mining



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