Livelihood transitions, place transformations: Grounding globalization and modernity

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There are many ways of talking about the transformations that have occurred in Latin America and the Caribbean in the past few decades. Political economy provides one set of tools, as demonstrated in the first part of this book that uses a political economy approach in order to talk about the structural changes that have (and have not) come to pass in the region over the last few decades. Such interpretations typically cast their analysis at a macro level, telling general stories of national and regional shifts and the broad forces that explain these changes. These macro-explanations are as characteristic of radical dependency theory as they are of neoliberal interpretations of change, and they are important in many ways: they are the stuff of general political debate; they inform those types of economy and society wide interventions that typically underlie public and multilateral policies and interventions; and they tell the general story

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Latin America Transformed: Globalization and Modernity: Second Edition

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