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Drought is a growing threat to hydrological, ecological, agricultural, and socio-cultural systems of the tropics, especially tropical islands of the Pacific where severe droughts can compromise food and water security. Overcoming barriers to knowledge sharing between land managers and researchers is a critical cross-sector strategy for engaging and mitigating or adapting to drought. Here we describe the establishment and functioning of the Pacific Drought Knowledge Exchange (PDKE), which provides users with easier access to: (1) sector- and geography-specific climate information; (2) better and more comprehensive information; (3) improved technical assistance; and (4) a more collaborative information-transfer environment through participation in knowledge co-production. We focus on our collaborative work with managers of important tropical dryland ecosystems from three distinct geographies to pilot the collaborative development of climate change, climate variability, and drought “portfolios” featuring site-specific historical and forecasted future information. This information was then used to collaboratively produce factsheets that partners used to: (i) better understand past and projected climate for specific management units; (ii) integrate new climate knowledge into management planning; and (iii) support climate-focused educational and outreach efforts. This pilot effort demonstrates the successful application of climate-focused co-production in dry tropical landscapes.

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Sustainability (Switzerland)

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