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A Literature Review of Video-Sharing Platform Research in HCI

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Video-sharing platforms (VSPs) such as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch have grown rapidly in recent years and attracted millions of users. Research topics such as online communities, video interactions, and recommendation algorithms have drawn increasing attention. Group and community dynamics were also examined with live streaming and short-form videos. However, HCI literature lacks a holistic picture of video-sharing research themes, methods, and findings that summarizes the diverse topics on interaction modalities and communities. Prior reviews on VSPs were about a particular platform or reviewed as a part of social media. This paper contributes a scoping review of 106 articles on video-sharing published in HCI literature from 2012 to June 2022. We identified six research themes through grounded theory analysis and encoded five HCI research methods in VSP studies. We concluded a framework with five components to structure findings in video-sharing research, with which we reflect on future directions on this topic. © 2023 ACM.

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Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings

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literature review, HCI, human-computer interaction, human-centered computing, social media, TikTok, trust, Twitch, videos, video-sharing platforms, VSPs, YouTube

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Bartolome, A., & Niu, S. (2023, April). A Literature Review of Video-Sharing Platform Research in HCI. In Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1-20).