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Academic Aide - Free online math question database for academic improvement

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Lack of funding is a common problem for many public schools and small private tutoring centers. Some schools have a policy that prevents students from taking textbooks home to study. Sometimes teachers will take money out of their own pocket to let students use existing online services to improve education quality. However, those internet services are not guaranteed to have materials that are best fit for individuals' teaching style. In some cases, the best fit material simply does not exist on the internet, and creating it would take many hours. We have created Academic Aide to combat this exact problem. Academic Aide is a free online database that allow users to generate and share content in a well organized manner. We allow users to create problems that fit their needs and upload it to the website. People from around the world can access to these problems at no cost. If the type of problem is not available on the website, the user can simply create their own. We believe that Academic Aide will be a place for people to learn from each other, create their own content and share it with people around the world. Academic Aide is the result of a project-based learning approach for undergraduate computer science students.

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ISEC 2015 - 5th IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference

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Computer Science Education, educational aides, online math worksheet creation, project-based learning

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Guo, J. B., Leung, L., & Magee, J. (2015, March). Academic Aide—Free online math question database for academic improvement. In 2015 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (pp. 195-200). IEEE.