Erzincan 18

Original Author

Krikor Guerguerian

Institutional Sponsor

Taner Akcam

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On the fact that the crimes committed by bandits in Dersim [Tunceli] are supported by the District Governor and whether an Armenian caravan had arrived in Malatya.

Whether the telegrams dispatched from Arapkir and signed off by Arikian, Chilingirian, Arkanian and Danian Haydanian along with those from Hisnimansur that were signed by Chilingirian and Pamukchian were responded To. On whether the communications between them and Diyarbekir [Diyarbakır] Governor Resit [Reşit] Bey reveal whether he understood the reasoning behind the commission of massacres.

On the removal of certain staff members from their posts, who did not obey orders to commit crimes and their statements about this.



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Erzincan 18



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