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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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Reciting what these two individuals, Trabzon Governor Cemal Azmi and Erzincan District Governor Memduh Bey, stated about crimes such as the killing of Armenians, annihilation and the unlawful seizure and looting of properties, when they met, and whether their malicious intent could be discerned. Additionally, Governor Tahsin Bey was asked the subject of whether the letter by County Executive of Bayezit, Ziya Bey,on Memduh Bey, was ever found.

The request of Tahsin Bey by communication dated 21 August [8 Ağustos] 1915 and numbered 388, for information about Mahmut Kamil Pasha, former Councillor of the Ministry of War and Commander of the Third Army and the incidents he mentions.



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Erzincan 17



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