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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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In a signed petition submitted by Mehmet Tevfik, Deputy Commander of the Mobile Gendarmerie Battalion of the First Company of Erzurum, about how the money, watch and cigarette case given to Corporal Ismail of Sivas was taken from Aleksander and Hachik Efendi.

About the collection of money from the caravan by Lieutenant Suleiman [Süleyman] and Deputy Officer Tevfik Efendi and that Aleksan Saban [Şaban] ian should be questioned on it.

A list of the goods taken out of the home of Gendarmerie Lieutenantı Suleiman [Süleyman] Efendi and surrendered to the Commission on Abandoned Properties.



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Erzincan 13



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