Deportation Practices / Tehcir Uygulamaları

Original Author

Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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The complete destruction of the Armenians as a result of the current situation was presented to the Padishah [Sultan] and this is how they are to be treated. Every Armenian and individual bearing an Armenian name of Ottoman citizenship who is a civilian, outside of children less than five years of age, shall be taken outside of cities and towns and killed. Armenians serving in the army shall be taken out of their units, without causing any unrest, and put before a firing squad in secret locations where no one will see. Armenian army officers shall be imprisoned within the headquarters of whatever army units they are assigned until secondary orders arrive. Execution upon these three items shall be separately announced within forty eight hours after this notice has been served on every army commander.



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Deportation 20



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