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"One hundred years ago Clark University emerged as part of a growing network of American research universities intended to be the peers of any in Europe. Opening in the fall of 1889 as an all-graduate and research institution, and having added an undergraduate program in 1902, the institution has retained its comparative smallness while actively maintaining both the research mission and the international scholarly relationships of its earliest years.

Clark has been marked by scholarly and educational innovation from its chartering in 1887 to its present-day academic program. The major milestones generally associated with Clark are all here: Robert Goddard and the liquid-fuel rocket, Sigmund Freud's 1909 visit, the origins of "the pill", the founding of the American Psychological Association, and the establishment of psychology and geography as distinctive graduate emphases. These and other developments are placed for the first time in a broader institutional context.

Synthesizing a wide range of documents, interviews, and his own behind-the-scenes institutional experience, Dr. Koelsch has traced the high and low points in the life of a distinguished institution with an unusual degree of frankness. Both Clark and non-Clark readers will find this centennial profile of the Luxembourg of American universities to be an informative and absorbing narrative."

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Clark University, 1887-1987 : a narrative history



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