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Winter 3-9-2015


The Turkish ''Union and Progress'' Party, in planning and eventually realizing the Armenian Genocide, had as a central component the elimination of Armenian men. In turn, this brought the decimation of these males and Armenian society. If for the men it was the physical elimination, for women and children the case was quite a different one. Based on the Government's decision they were forcibly relocated and exiled to the remote Arabian deserts. Their forced relocation and exile was accompanied by mass humiliation, rape and starvation.

After the Genocide a lot Armenian and international organizations started the hard work of finding and saving the survived Armenian women and children. This appeared to be a quite difficult thing to do, as some of the survived ones were just not able to return to an Armenian society.

This paper discusses the objectives of the non-physical destruction of women and girls during the genocide, the mechanisms of implementation, and the implications of it all. It also analyzes the post-genocide situation of these women, revealing them to have been members of a traditional society coping with difficult of dilemmas.