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Introductory notes of the book "Armenocide State Policy"

From: The Beyazit [Beyazıt] District Governor Ziya Bey in Erzincan To: [blank] Date: 12 Jully 1915 [29 Haziran 331] Number: 334 Topic: regarding the fact that the 500-car convoy taken over from Adil Bey was delivered to the police station that is three hours outside of Erzincan without any issues; and that the convoy moved from there towards Erzincan, under the supervision of Sikti Bey [Sıktı Bey], and was delivered to the Erzincan Governorate.

From: Erzurum Governor-General Tahsin Bey To: Trabzon Governor-General Cemal Bey Date: 23 July 1915 [10 Temmuz 331] Number: [blank] Topic: it states that the condition of the Armenian convoys from Trabzon that he saw in Erzincan caused him to shed tears, that this disgrace needed to be ended, that he had met with Arapian and his wife and that they had told him about quite terrible things, and that he had written to the Army regarding the disgrace in the Officer and Work battalions.

From: Erzurum Governor-General Tahsin To: The Erzincan Provincial District Government Date: 9 June 1915 [27 Mayıs 331] Number: 61 Topic: It states that it is absolutely necessary to protect the lives and properties of the Armenians during their internal deportations, and that measures should be taken to ensure this, meaning the necessary allocation of officers, the Gendarmerie, and civil servants, and that those in charge should safely deliver the Armenians to Harput and not return without the necessary documents.

The English translation of the news from the 15th session of the Yozgat Trial

From: Yozgat District Governor Levon To: [blank] Date: 10 February 1919 [10 Şubat 335] Number: [blank] Topic: regarding the process of when and reasons for why the Party Secretary Necati Bey dismissed the Distrct Governor Cemal Bey and replaced him with the Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan] County Executive Kemal Bey

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