Adana Confiscation (Courts Martial)

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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[This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]From: [blank] To: The Sivas Province Date: [blank] Number: [blank] Topic: the first part of the document is the continuation of another document. In this document, it asks whether the Aziziye, Govdun, and Tenos counties and the Zile Fiscal Directors had been questioned; and if by chance they had been, it asks why it happened and what the results were.

From: [blank] To: The Sivas Province Date: [blank] Number: [blank] Topic: it asks how many churches were destroyed in Sivas and how many headstones of Armenian graves were used to build clubhouses, buildings, etc; whether the Armenian village of Tavra had been destroyed by orters of Istanbul or of the Board of Governors; whether the Ministry of Interior had been informed of the murder of Bishop Sahak Efendi; and how many Armenian government officials had been dismissed and deported.

From: [blank] To: Sivas Province Date: [blank] Number: [blank] Topic: it states that despite the fact that the news had been received of the Armenian Bishop Sahak Efendi having been killed shortly before the deportations and the complaint submitted by the Sivas Bishop Kinel Efendi [Kınel Efendi], the Ministry of Interior had not been informed; it asks whether the murderers had been arrested or not; and whether Muammer Bey cared at all about this matter.

From: Interior Minister Talat To: Sivas Province Date: 21 December 1914 [8 Kanun-ı evvel 330] Number: telegraph 47 Topic: it states that the Armenian Bishop Sahak Odabashian [Odabaşyan] was being sent to the Eastern Provinces by order of the Patriarchate; and that he should be kept under observation there and returned to Bursa at a suitable time.

From: Sivas Governor-General Muammer To: The Ministry of Interior Date: 22 December 1914 [9 Kanun-ı evvel 330] Number: [blank] Topic: it states that because Bishop Sahak had been appointed to Erzincan, he was now in Sivas; and it asks whether he should be allowed to go to Erzincan or whether he should be returned to Bursa.

From: The Susehri [Suşehri] County Executive Ahmet To: The Karahisar Provincial District Government Date: 2 January 1915 [20 Kanun-ı evvel 330] Number: 230 Topic: it states that Bishop Sahak and his driver Arakel had been killed by unknown persons; that there was a possibility of Armenians having done this; and that he was now going to the site of the murder to investigate. [This is a long document. Please consult the index for full information]



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37 Deportation - Turkish Telegram II



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