Aims & Scope


  • Bring awareness and reduce the disparities that lie between the power construct of youth-produced work versus adult-produced work.
  • Explore how to contribute to today's larger conversations on injustices that affect youth.
  • Allow youth-produced work to be shared and networked with other youth.
  • Provide an institutional platform for youth voices across genres.
  • Empower youth voice to be used as an academic resource in classrooms.
  • Honor the right for youth authors to be acknowledged, supported, and given feedback by their peers.


The Journal of Youth Scholarship engages with the community of Worcester MA, partnering with schools in the district and reaching out to youth to provide the opportunity to tell their stories to a larger audience. Since this journal is youth-led we strive to create peer partnerships with authors, creators, and reviewers building a network of thriving together by working together. As we continue to grow we hope to not only serve the city of Worcester but to branch out to youth in other regions to bring in a diverse array of authors.