Yozgat 64

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Despite not being charged with the responsibility for doing so, upon request, the Fifth Army Corps Commander's Office prepared a ledger of names and other specific information about the Muslims who were taken into the Gendarmerie and a stamped certified copy of the ledger was sent.

If there are any telegrams that were sent in January and February of 1919 between Deputy District Governor Kemal, Gendarmerie Battalion Commander Tevfik and Foundations Official Feyyaz Efendi, who are under custody and whose trials are ongoing in connection with the crimes in Yozgat, they should be sent.

The ledger containing the names of over 1,500 who were slain that are mentioned in the telegram sent by Branch Office Chief Mustafa Efendi should be sent.

Copies of the Provincial Office's order to the District Governor's Office of Yozgat and the response to Recai Bey which came following the Army Corps Deputy Commander Recai Bey's communique dated 28 August 1915 [15 Ağustos 1915] are requested be sent.

Request that copies of the telegrams sent by Tevfik Bey, the Yozgat Gendarmeri Battalion Commander, during the months of July, August and September of 1915 to the Ankara Gendarmerie Regiment Commander's Office.

The County's County Executive Halit Bey, the most active player in foreclosure matters in the old government, was quite openly involved during the Deportation. Just after the deportation, he became part of the commission for abandoned properties and started looting. Later he seized the properties of Edhem Efendi of Kirshehir [Kırşehir]. Not only Armenians but Muslims of integrity are ready to come forward to supply proof.

During this time when the state is occupied with war, Armenians are preparing an insurrection towards the establishment of an independent Armenia. For this reason, they intend to assist the Russian invasion and there are Armenians who harbor seditious motives and hold positions in the government.

According to the finance official from Yozgat, procedures surrounding the Armenians were done according to orders. Those who worked in the appellate as well as lower court and schools, "Regie" [Administration of the Tobacco Monopoly] and Ziraat Bank, needed to have orders that superseded them. The issue of whether Armenians, who have roles as members in administrative and municipal councils along with some commissions, needed to be removed.

The names of Armenians who are employed as members of lower or appellate courts need to be reported. If an Armenian member of an administrative or municipal council is not going to be deported, then they should continue with their duties. Those who are in commissions should be terminated.

Hamparsum works with the appellate court in Yozgat, Ermenak and Mihran Efendis are members of the Lower Court; Haji Agob, meanwhile, works as a clerk for the Interrogation Office.

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[This is a long document, so consult excel documentation for full summary]



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Yozgat 64



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