Yozgat 59

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The ring that had been on the finger of the delegate ended up in Feyyaz Bey's possession as a result of the Liquidation Commission's auction.

During the skirmish between the Armenians in the village of Kumkuyu and the soldiers under the command of Gendarmerie Battalion commander Tevfik Bey, five or six individuals from the Circiassions of Osmaniye and Yozgat died. The village was burned to the ground. Some of the Armenians were burned, some were completely annihilated while others took poison. Others still managed to escape during the fire.

Following an official notice dated 4 August 1915 [22 Temmuz 1915] and numbered 248, from the Province, the response to an order sent to Kayseri’s Division Deputy Commander Shahabettin [Şahabettin] Bey from the Fifth Army Corps Commander's Office Ministry, stated that according to a telegram dated 28 July 1915 [15 Temmuz 1915], it is clear that the initiation of an investigation was ordered of the Yozgat Gendarmerie Battalion Commander's Office.

Description of how Eftil, the 14 year old daughter of Jingilian Senkim of Yozgat, was transported to another house, sexually assaulted, impregnated and then later poisoned and killed by Feyyaz, who is being tried in court while under state custody in connection with the massacre and deportation of Armenians from Yozgat.

According to the records kept by the Commission that was formed after the Deportation, Feyyaz Bey started work in August of 1915 and continued his membership with the aforementioned Commission through 19 November [6 Teşrin-i sani] of 1915.

The document that relates to the investigation that was performed by the County of Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan]'s Judicial office in connection with the Kumkuyu incident, was sent to the Ankara Provincial office on 14 October 1915 [1 Teşrin-i evvel 1915] as part of correspondence numbered 497.

Although it was not documented, it was reported from the location, that four thousand Armenians had been deported from the Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan] County starting 17 July 1915 through August 1915.

Prior to Major Salim Bey retiring there is no documentation or record to show that a complaint had been filed by the former Ankara Union and Progress delegate Necati Efendi or the Club Council or Council Center to the Army Corps. It's possible, however, that Colonel Halil Recai Bey had verbally complained.

In the telegram dated 27 July 1915 [14 Temmuz 1915] that was sent by the Fifteenth division Deputy Commander Shahabettin [Şahabettin] Bey to the Army Corps Commander's Office in Ankara, the investigative report prepared by the board that had been to the scene, is reported to have not yet been received by the Army Corps.

During the Armenian deportation, apparently, Gavril Nikola - son of Nuzuz of the village of Chat [Çat], Nikola - son of Ananya, Nikola - son of Esrik, Kiryaku - son of Yorgi and Eftin, were sent to Ankara, despite it being understood that they were Greek and that there's a widespread report that they were murdered somewhere near the village of Chakmak [Çakmak] in Bogazlian [Boğazlıyan] by permission of County Executive Kemal and Battalion commander Tevfik Bey which can now be proven.

A telegram stating that the villagers are unable to step outside, that the Circassions are threatening them and that the government is doing nothing to help.



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Yozgat 59



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