Getting Elected Isn't Easy

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Winning election to statewide office in Massachusetts isn’t easy. Candidates must run a gauntlet of requirements, deadlines, and contests, with many constraints established by the dominating political parties. The rules governing candidate selection affect the quality of our democracy and the ultimate winners and losers of our elections.

Panel members who will share their knowledge, insights, and perspectives on such topics as caucus-convention systems, the 15-percent rule, the September timing of state primaries, ticket formation for Governor and Lt. Governor, campaign financing, and rules pertaining to candidate selection, include:

  • Gerry D’Amico, former State Senator and candidate for Lt. Governor;
  • Reed Hillman, former State Representative and candidate for Lt. Governor;
  • Juliette Kayyem, former candidate for Governor; and
  • Shannon O’Brien, former State Treasurer and candidate for Governor.

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