The War on Terror and the End of Civil Liberties

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Susan Herman’s current book, Taking Liberties, examines how US government anti-terrorism measures adopted since 9/11 have affected the rights and lives of ordinary Americans far more extensively than most people realize. In her talk, she will discuss how we have taken an alarming number of steps down the path to an omniscient and omnipotent government, to limitations on our First Amendment freedoms, and to the erosion of our democracy. Why should you worry if you’re not a terrorist? Find out.

Susan N. Herman was elected President of the American Civil Liberties Union in October 2008 after having served on the ACLU Board of Directors, on its Executive Committee, and as General Counsel. As Centennial Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, she teaches courses in Criminal Law and Procedure and Constitutional Law, and seminars on Law and Literature, and Terrorism and Civil Liberties. She writes extensively on constitutional and criminal procedure topics for legal and non-legal publications, ranging from law reviews and books to popular press and on-line publications. Herman has discussed constitutional law issues on radio, including a variety of NPR shows; on television, including programs on PBS, CSPAN, NBC, MSNBC and a series of appearances on the Today in New York show; and in print media including Newsday and the New York Times. In addition, she has been a frequent speaker at academic conferences and continuing legal education events organized by groups such as the Federal Judicial Center and the American Bar Association, lecturing and conducting workshops for various groups of judges and lawyers, and at non-legal events. She has participated in Supreme Court litigation, writing and collaborating on amicus curiae briefs for the ACLU on a range of constitutional criminal procedure issues.

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