The Sabbath Advantage

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In a world of brightness and portability and instantaneous intimacy, the Sabbath foists on the consciousness the blackness of night, the heaviness of objects, the miles that keep us apart. The Sabbath prefers natural to artificial light. If we want to travel, it would make us walk, though not too far. If we long for social interaction, it would have us meet our fellow man and woman face-to-face. This timely examination of an ancient ritual will include dialogue circles where we share our own experiences of Sabbath.

Author Judith Shulevitz thinks about what rituals of time do for us and why we still need some. She is the author of The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time (Random House, 2010) and columnist for Slate and The New Republic.


Judith Shulevitz

Higgins School of Humanities

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