Undergraduate Programs - Biology:

If you wonder how living things function and interact, and you marvel at life in all forms, then you have found your calling. Our undergraduate program allows you to dive deep into biology through coursework, research and honors-level work, internships, and even study abroad.

We offer majors and minors in biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, and environmental science.


Student Work from 2013


Infectious Ecology, Kathryn Abell, Marissa Byrns, Sarah Carpenter, Thomas Carroll, Rebecca Friedman, Caroline Johnson, Rachel Kaiser, Chong Lin, Piangfan Naksukpaiboon, Wade Packer, Peter Pitlik, Johanna Reech, Douglas Rice, Hillary Sullivan, Nicholas Tate, Marifel Ullola, Bonginkhosi Vilataki, Aidan Weeks, and Sam Zorn


From Gibbons to Gymnasts: A Look at the Biomechanics and Neurophysiology of Brachiation in Gibbons and its Human Rediscovery, Emma ET Pennock