Document Type

Masters Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 3-2016

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IDCE 30213




My internship with the Town of Andover, Massachusetts, took place from the beginning of July to the end of August 2015. I was under the direct supervision of Mr. Jeffrey Cary for all the projects started and completed during the period. The projects included a sewer and septic study analysis mapping, a maintenance area mapping, a wetland changes digitization, a historic properties, a cemetery mapping and a storm-water connectivity project. These projects enabled me to utilize skills that were learnt during my first two semesters at Clark University such as editing GIS layers, cartography, georeferencing etc., as well as to expose me new skills that were learnt on the job, such as the use of ArcGIS Online. This report highlights the main mission and objectives of the Town of Andover and how the role of the GIS unit contributes to achieving these. Having garnered a wealth of technical and professional experience whilst at the Town of Andover, I would strongly recommend this internship to others pursuing GIS.

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