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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

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Mary Piecewicz


Can the business world come together with the nonprofit world to create systems to lift low income women, children, and families out of poverty? The following report aims to show how the changing principles of business have the potential to serve international populations living on less than $2USD per day. For-profit organizations working with citizen sector organizations instead of giving charity provides a sustainable model to connect profit maximization with social good.

Honeydrop Beverages is a company based out of New York that produces lemonade sweetened with honey. Their products do not contain any refined products, only using fresh and natural ingredients. Seven Hills Foundation is a health and human services organization located in Worcester, MA. They provide healthcare and behavioral services to underserved populations in central Massachusetts and Rhode Island. One of their affiliate organizations, Seven Hills Global Outreach, works with international partners to provide similar services to communities abroad who live in severe poverty. These organizations have come together to create a financial relationship that is more than just charitable giving from the private sector to the nonprofit sector. The following capstone describes this relationship as a case study for future business leaders to establish similar partnerships.





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