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Master of Science in Professional Communication (MSPC)


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Mary Piecewicz


This paper evaluates how effective influencer marketing is across the two most popular influencer platforms, YouTube and Instagram. This paper uses a case study approach to analyze popular brands that use influencer marketing on both platforms to determine which platform is more successful at engaging and reaching audiences from influencers. The brands analyzed for case studies are food delivery service HelloFresh and haircare brand Function of Beauty. Both brands use influencer marketing on Instagram and YouTube. The HelloFresh case study analyzes sponsored content from YouTube creator Jacksfilms and Instagram influencer Marisa Hen. The Function of Beauty case study analyzes sponsored content from YouTube creator Casey Aonso and Instagram influencer Destiny Rodriguez. The analysis from these case studies shows that while YouTube influencers may reach broader audiences, Instagram influencers harness more engagement across their following. Additionally, this paper acknowledges the limitations of a case study approach, which cannot provide a holistic, quantitative comparison across every brand that uses influencer marketing and every influencer on YouTube and Instagram. Thoroughly comparing these brands that use both platforms can provide marketing professionals with valuable insights into influencer marketing.



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