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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

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Mary Piecewicz


Research exhibits that between 70-75% of change initiatives fail and a major contributor to this trend is employee resistance. Although change can bring exciting growth and innovation, it can cause employees heightened stress and worsened physical and mental health outcomes. These effects are often amplified when organizations enact multiple change initiatives at once. These worsened outcomes are often a result of feelings of distress, anxiety, powerlessness, and apprehension and unknowns such as how one’s position will be affected, how operations will change, or how one fits into the change. This topic is incredibly relevant for Pernet Family Health Service, Inc., an organization that provides health and social services to over 7,000 families throughout the 01610 zip code. This non-profit is presently experiencing three major changes: the creation of the Universal Newborn Home Visiting Program, the departure of the Director of Operations, and continued Coronavirus pandemic response. As Pernet deals with these changes, it is vital to consider its potential impacts on staff and potential employee resistance. This paper offers a list of best practices to guide Pernet during their present changes. The suggestions range from increasing employee engagement to making adaptability a part of Pernet’s culture to aid Pernet with their present changes and prepare them for any transformations in the future.



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