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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

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Mary Piecewicz


This paper addresses the following problem regarding low employee retention rates in non-profit mental health organizations, specifically at NFI. The problem at hand is that majority of staff at NFI have an average length of stay of one year or less. The purpose of this paper is to address the current problem and hypothesize factors that could impact the low retention rates. Additionally, the purpose of the paper is to brainstorm potential solutions regarding the low retention rates and suggestions of how to implement the solutions. The documents contained in this paper include data analysis of employee average length of stay, the number of restraints that occurred between the years of 2014-2021, and the results of NFI’s staff satisfaction surveys. The problem of low staff retention must be addressed as it can lead to a spiral where increased low retention leads to further low staffing. This is due to the pressure and stress that is placed on staff having to work in an environment that is already short-staffed. One solution to this issue is to ensure employees receive weekly supervision to improve communication and provide a space for staff to receive positive feedback. Another solution is making sure direct care staff attend interface each day as that will improve consistency. The last solution is to have a monthly newsletter sent out to all staff with important decisions to be made and a place where staff can give their opinion in order to help them feel more involved in important situations. By implementing these solutions, we will hopefully be able to increase employee retention rates and reach the ultimate goal of having reliable staffing. By following the suggested recommendations within the timeline outlined in the results section, NFI will be taking the correct steps to help increase employee retention rate and overall satisfaction in the workplace.



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