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Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)


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Richard Aroian


Companies get hacked every day, and our in-scope company for this case study, RCAP Solution, was not an exception. Security incidents have increased both in volume and range in recent years, and cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated than ever before. There are so many reasons that drive this fact; one is that our infrastructure was not protected efficiently, but also attackers have become more knowledgeable in initiating advanced attacks at a scale. Additionally, the entrance of emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, and the internet of things, added additional complexity to the already complex scene. Cybercriminals are using various attack vectors to target their victims. According to Check Point Cyber Security Report, 27% of all organizations globally were impacted by cyber-attacks that involved mobile devices in 2019 (Check Point Cyber Security Report, 2020).

Many security incidents happened last year, but phishing attacks were one of the significant attacks initiated in 2019. Phishing is not a new attack; however, it is getting more popular with more efficient techniques using spear phishing, which is a more targeted attack. In general, phishing attacks happen more frequently than other types of attacks (Brute force, DDoS, Malware, etc.) because it is easier to initiate and most cost-effective.



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