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Alena Raupova

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Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)


School of Professional Studies

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Daniil Osipov


Business planning is a tool of paramount importance in the process of company management, on the efficiency of which the future functioning of the enterprise depends. Formation of a business plan enables the team to productively and competently use existing funds and resources in their work and apply planning as a very effective management mechanism (Hamm, 2016).

The goal of this final project is to develop a business plan for a healthy nutrition portal for Bellyful LLC. Bellyful is based in Boston, USA, and the portal will be its first product. Our client is interested in researching the prospects of launching a new project and planning activities for the implementation of development and promotion. But he was faced with the problem that he could not independently correctly and efficiently develop a business plan for the project. This problem was identified by the client during an interview with him.

We chose interviews, brainstorming, content analysis, desk methods (Internet sources, literary sources, articles, media), analysis of competitors, analysis of marketing research as the main methods of collecting information.

The object of this project is the portal of healthy nutrition of the company “Bellyful”.

The subject of this project is a business plan for a healthy nutrition portal of the company “Bellyful”.

Also, during the interview, we were assigned tasks that are required to achieve the goal and solve the problem:

  • develop all sections of the business plan;

  • provide a set of recommendations based on the results of the research that will help the client understand what to focus on during implementation.

Based on the interview, during the initial search and analysis of literature and information sources on the research topic, this list of tasks was expanded and clarified:

  • analyze the theoretical foundations and trends of business planning;

  • determine methods of data collection and analysis, possible ethical problems of

    the project;

  • to give a general description of the project for the development of the portal;

  • research the healthy nutrition market;

  • draw up a marketing plan for the project, taking into account its target audience;

  • draw up an organizational plan for the project;

  • draw up a production plan of the project;

  • assess the potential risks of the project;

  • draw up a financial plan for the project;

  • elaborate the recommendations.

To solve these problems, we carefully read the educational and methodological
literature on planning a new business, revealed the concept of business planning, the structure of a business plan, considered the main indicators of project performance, studied the trends observed in business planning. After that, we proceeded directly to the description of all sections of the business plan. During this part of our project, we used various methods of analyzing and researching the collected data and distributed them to the points of the business plan. So, we studied in depth the field of healthy nutrition, identified the actual creation of a portal for healthy nutrition, identified the main competitors. After identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, we were able to determine the functionality of the portal which will be in demand among consumers. Also, we developed a marketing strategy, taking into account the target audience of the new business. An important point of our research was the preparation of a financial plan for the project, which will help us determine the estimated costs and profits of the enterprise. Calculation of project performance indicators helped us prove that the nutrition portal is a project worthy of the investment. In addition, we studied all possible project risks and developed measures to prevent their occurrence. The final result of the work, in addition to a full-fledged business plan, is a list of recommendations for the implementation of a business plan and project development for the client. As one of the recommendations, we suggested the development of portal prototypes. In the modern world, this is a necessary condition for the high-quality development of an information product. Our team has developed a functional model of a healthy nutrition portal for our client.

The results of the work can be used in practice when developing a portal for healthy nutrition.



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