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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

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Mary Piecewicz


The Transparency and Yielding of Law Officers Reform Act of 2020 (TAYLOR) proposes an example bill for law enforcement reform. During the summer of 2020, the United States witnessed civilian demonstrations nationwide calling for a change to policing. Our proposal is hoping to heed that call, offering a foundation for change that police forces and localities across the United States can utilize to rebuild trust and accountability.

The goal of the TAYLOR Act is not to defund the police; but rather, TAYLOR rethinks the priorities of the police. There can be no denying that the relationship of trust and security between the public and law enforcement has been damaged over time. As with any damaged relationship, identifying the problems and searching for viable solutions, is essential. TAYLOR aims to repair this important relationship by providing best-practice policy ideas and budgetary procedures.

TAYLOR begins with the historical framework, serving as a preamble to the current state of affairs. We then dive into several key aspects for reform including but not limited to training, school resource officers, response to incidents, and budgetary procedures. We also thought critically about our word choice; we wanted to appeal to all ends of the spectrum while still remaining honest about the realities of the relationship between the police and the public in the U.S.

The use of force is the most serious action a government can do to its citizens; and force has become central to policing. We propose a seed for rethinking traditional approaches to crime--a path toward encouraging society to look at other options to solve crime. Policing in the United States has formed the culture of using force now, then asking questions and getting the details of the crime later. We want to change the narrative. We want to move away from the use of force and to look for other, viable options to maintain peace and order while also respecting and honoring human lives.



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