School of Professional Studies

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

Chief Instructor

Rich Aroian


In working with the Facilitating Organization for Peer Recovery Support Services through Harbor Homes, I have found that the Recovery Community Organizations that receive support through the FO provide valuable services that help individuals that struggle with substance use disorder achieve and maintain long term sobriety and recovery. The RCOs throughout New Hampshire bridge gaps in services and treatments that are left untouched by traditional clinical methods and through regular check ins, participants at the RCOs have reported that the services provided resulted in positive outcomes in their lives. Throughout the course of this research, I found that the RCOs face challenges in ensuring that they continually have reliable volunteers to assist with providing services to participants. I have suggested and am working with the FO on obtaining funding to continue the current AmeriCorps program that provides each RCO with at least one AmeriCorps member that provides recovery support services such as recovery coaching and telephone recovery supports. I have also suggested that the FO develop and provide training on the best practices of volunteer recruitment and retention.



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