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Master of Science in Professional Communication (MSPC)


School of Professional Studies

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Richard Aroian


Chinese students are the most visible international presence at many universities across the United States, and the number continues to grow. Since 2010, The number of graduate students studying abroad has entered the period in which the increase has been declining. Under the circumstance of the weak global economy and high cost of education, the administration needs to attract the attention of Chinese students. In the process of competing for applicants, how to develop marketing strategies to attract students’ eyeballs has become an important means of trying to increase school income through Chinese students. The marketing strategy mentioned in this article comes from the authoritative reports, the personal experience of Chinese students studying in the United States and the bold vision of the members of this group. Based on the data collection and comprehensive analysis, this article recommends integrating resources, improving reputation, social media marketing, and alumni association for School of Professional Studies to marketing in China.



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