School of Professional Studies

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


School of Professional Studies

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Mary Piecewicz


Within the period of time that a graduate student deposits and subsequently arrives at their academic institution, receiving timely information is important for their preparation. This process has been deemed by the Deans of the Enterprise Schools at Clark University as one that needs further investigation. As such, this Capstone looks at the array of communication that goes out to each graduate student during this four-month period. The purpose of examining this communication is to analyze its effectiveness in engaging students. To analyze the effectiveness of this communication, surveys were distributed to current students in these schools to gather data surrounding their experience after applying to Clark. In addition to looking at Clark University’s current process, we conducted an analysis of trends and best practices from colleges and universities across the country. Based on findings from this research and our firsthand interviews of the aforementioned Deans and involved staff members, we have provided recommendations to improve this process. Ultimately, in order to improve student engagement our group has created recommendations that could improve some of the challenges in engaging and retaining students during this period of time.



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