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Regarding the death penalty of Captain Nuri Bey, who was convicted as such for ordering the killing of 3,000 Armenian soldiers of the Sivas labor batallions in 1916, because they refused to convert out of Christianity; citing the Jamanag newspaper's 17 August 1919 issue.

From: Henry Morgenthau To: the US State Department Date: 12 August 1915 Topic: stating that the State Department had been informed regarding the deportations; and followed by the official announcement of 26 June 1916, which stated that the Armenians of Trabzon and its surroundings needed to be deported within 5 days, and which provided the terms of how it should be done.

From: Dr. Behaeddin Shakir [Bahaeddin Şakir], President of the Special Organization To: The Elazig [Elazığ] Governor-General Sabit Bey via the Erzurum Governor-General Tahsin Bey Date: 21 April 1915 Topic: it requests information on whether the deported Armenians had been completely purged and annihilated or not.

The invitation to participate in the demonstration to be held for the 70th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Washington D.C. on 24-28 April. There are pictures and the full names of 52 women and men who had survived the Genocide.

Notes regarding the telegraphs sent between the Ankara 5th Army Commander Colonel Halil Recai, the Kayseri 15th Division Commander Colonel Shehabettin [Şehabettin], the Yozgat District Governor Cemal Bey, the Ankara Deputy Governor-General Atif Bey [Atıf Bey], and the Yozgat Mayor Ahmed Bey, as published in Krieger's Yozgat book on pages 87-88, 141-143, and 147-150. Regarding the official correspondences regarding the period, which started with the rumors that 300 Armenians had attacked Muslims in Yozgat's Akdagmadeni [Akdağ Madeni] and ended with the deportation of the Armenians; and regarding the looting of properties left behind by the Armenians by the Gendarmerie and the Circassian cavalries.

Notes regarding the testimony given by the 5th Army Commander Halil Recai at the Military Tribunal on 19 February 1919. Regarding the fact that Halil Recai accepted that they were acting within the chain of command to enforce Enver Pasha’s directives. Citing the La Renaissance newspaper's vol. 69, 20 February 1919.

Handwritten notes quoting from the Takvim-i Vekayi, explaining that the Armenians were massacred with the spoken or secret orders of some officials.

Notes collected and written by Bilal Shimshir [Bilal Şimşir], in which he criticizes the book published by the Prime Ministry General Directorate of Press and Broadcasting in Ankara in 1980, containing the historical Military documents regarding the Armenian issue and which is claimed to have eroded the assertions that there was an Armenian Genocide; he states that this book was not impartial; that the very few number of documents left out many important topics; and that no unbiased information was provided for researchers. The note further contains the handwritten copies of some documents.



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