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Pages from the (?) edition of the Jamanag, 1918.

Pages from the (?) edition of the Jamanag, 1916.

The English translation of the 10-item resolution of the law to exterminate the Armenians prepared by the CUP, probably around February 15, and published in some Turkish and Armenian newspapers. It was also published in the Armenian Vertchin Loor newspaper's issue number 1528 on 23 March 1919.

An official 4-item announcement stating that the population should surrender their weapons and the terms on which the military staff could buy weapons and ammunition at the military shops. It was published in the Vertchine Loor newspaper on 14 May 1915.

The handwritten copy of the document containing Abdullah Nuri’s request that those Armenians who were subject to deportation, had survived and reached Aleppo should be left in terrible conditions and killed. A 2-page note containing the response, which states that there were 100,000 Armenians who fit this description. It is taken as an excerpt from pages 251-255 of the 1965 book, "Hooshamadian Medz Yegherni," published in Beirut in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The secret letter sent by Talat Pasha to the Aleppo Governor-General Abdul Halik. The order, dated 3 October 1915, stating that the crimes committed against the Armenians during the deportations served the objectives of the Turkish government and requesting that anyone who tried to interfere be subject to legal pursuit. Quoted from Medz Vojire, page 203.

The telegraph sent by Talat Pasha in response to the Aleppo Governor-General Abdul Halik, stating that those Armenians who thought they could escape deportation by converting to Islam would only be able to convert once they reached their destination, if they still wished to do so. Quoted from Medz Vojire, page 212.

The typewritten copy of the General Amnesty Decree of passed by Sultan Vahdeddin in December 1918, published in the La Renaissance newspaper's issue number 16, on 25 December 1918.

The 1929 written correspondences, containing the questions asked by the Armenian Refugees Central Committee regarding whether the Peace Treaty and the Treaty of Lausanne gave the Turkish government the right to seize the properties of those Armenians currently outside of the borders of Turkey, and the response of the French authorities.

The typewritten copy of the 26 September 1915 11-item provisional law regarding how the properties, debts and credits of deported persons and institutions would be liquidated by the courts.

The law of 8 January 1920, which arranged the basic principles of the return of deported Armenians' properties to their owners, as it was published in the Takvim-i Vekayi on 12 January 1920.



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