Sivas 09

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Krikor Guerguerian

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Taner Akcam

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On seizing girls less than twenty years of age, and boys less than ten years of age along with women who have no families and who convert [to Islam], and letting a handful of tradesmen who have no connection to the committees stay as long as they convert [to Islam].

Requesting the names of artisans who have no connection with the committees, who have converted. Request for the numbers of others who have been deported, and those women who have stayed behind as servants or due to marriage, along with the number [of children] who are in orphanages.

Not a single Armenian should be left within the Province and all should be deported to Mosul by the appropriate routes. Meanwhile the procedures for handling converts.

Some inappropriate Islam….in counties where its population has been deported to the interior. The telegram stating that those who hide Armenians will be executed in front of their homes was served upon the Merzifon office by the District-Governor's office of Amasya on 26 July 1915 [13 Temmuz 331].

Committee Head, Akillıan Kirkor and Kiremitchian Hajji Karabet along with some Armenians distributed weapons. The priest fround weapons in the Okurma building. Kalpakchian Ohannes and Tarakchian Hajji Nishan are dangerous individuals; they should be investigated and their weapons confiscated.



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Sivas 09



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